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Here at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, we believe every child should go to camp regardless of a family’s current financial situation. “Get to Camp” scholarships provide assistance for families facing social and economic hardship. Scholarships are awarded to eligible families based on the need as long as funds are available. Please understand that scholarship funds are limited, and it may not always be possible to grant the full scholarship amount requested.

 All Scholarship applications must be submitted no later than May 1, 2024 in order to be considered, Scholarship applications submitted after May 1 may not not processed. You are welcome to submit applications after May 1st. Campers who are awarded scholarships will not be eligible for Early Bird, or any other discounts. Scholarships are awarded up to the amount of a standard Camp Term ($495 for Adventure Camps & $215 for Kinder Camp), scholarships are not awarded to cover additional costs, such as Camp Store funds or Horse lovers.  Scholarship are kept confidential and in no way influence a child’s camping experience.

To apply for a “Get to Camp” scholarship for one or more of your children, CLICK HERE to complete a Scholarship Application online,

To request a copy of the Scholarship Application form, email [email protected].

Steps for Applying for a Scholarship

Steps for Camp Scholarships

1. Complete Camper Registration:
– Visit the registration portal and complete your camper’s registration. Provide all required information including camper details, emergency contacts, medical information, etc. Make sure to complete the forms. At the end, you can click, that you are applying for a scholarship.

2. Payment of Minimum $50 Deposit:
– Pay a minimum deposit of $50 to secure your camper’s spot. This payment is typically required to reserve the spot and initiate the registration process.

3. Fill Out Scholarship Application:
–  Fill out and complete the scholarship application completely, providing accurate information about your financial situation and any other required details.

4. Await Response:
– Wait for a response from the camp regarding the scholarship application.

5. Confirmation of Acceptance:
– If your child is awarded the scholarship, confirm your acceptance within 7 business days as per the camp’s instructions. Without a response, the scholarship may be awarded to another applicant. Upon acceptance, the scholarship amount will be added to your camper’s account. 

6. Payment of Remaining Balance:
– Pay any remaining balance by the specified deadline unless alternative arrangements have been made. This may include paying the remaining camp fees after deducting the scholarship amount.

7. Enjoy Camp!:
– Once the registration process is complete and any remaining fees are paid, your child is all set to enjoy their camp experience! Prepare them for an exciting and memorable time at camp.