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What is Angel Tree Camping?

We are excited about our partnership with Angel Tree. Angel Tree Prison Fellowship has a Christmas program, where they give kids of incarcerated parents Christmas presents. This organization allows children who have parents/stepparents/siblings that are incarcerated to attend our camping program for FREE. If this is your camper or you live in the same household as someone whose parents are incarcerated- you qualify for this program. Click Register Now to start the registration process. Sign up and follow the prompts. Angel Tree Campers are eligible to sign up for both Adventure Camp & Horse Lovers. If you need any help call 419-938-3715. Find out more information about our programs at Learn more about Angel Tree Camping.


  • Child of incarcerated parent/step-parent/siblings who is a part of the Angel Tree Program
    • Has received gifts during Christmas from the Angel Tree Prison Fellowship, a participant in the program
    • Or notified by Angel Tree Prison Fellowship or us about eligibility
  • A child who lives in the same household as Angel Tree Child (includes foster care and other homes). The Angel Tree Child must attend camp in the same season. Once the child is no longer in the household or ineligible for camp, the other campers do not qualify for the Angel Tree Program
  • Parent/ Stepparent should be currently incarcerated. If the parent/stepparent is no longer incarcerated, then in order to qualify you must have attended a previous year of camp here at Pleasant Hill.
  • Ages 7-15 years old
  • Note: Salvation Army/Walmart Angel Tree program are seperate programs and not affiliated with the Angel Tree Camp Program.

How to Sign up any eligible child:

  1. Click Register Now
  2. Register your child
  3. Choose a week that best fits your schedule
  4. Click Also Click Here if Angel Tree. If you choose to add Horse Lovers, please call the office at 419-938-3715 or email [email protected] to notify us, there is a special code we have to enter to adjust the cost correctly
  5. Before moving on to the next section, Find and click on enter the discount code. Enter: ANGELTREE
    • This should bring the balance to $25, which is the registration deposit we apply to the camper’s camp store account.
    • This deposit is refundable based on how much the camper uses.
    • If there are many children from the same household, and there are concerns about paying multiple deposits. Please contact the camp & we will be happy to work something out!
  6. Continue the Registration process: Do not add a Chad Shack deposit, unless you will like to add more than $25 to the camper’s account
  7. Fill out the Angel Tree Form (this will be added to the registration shortly)
  8. When you reach payment options click: Please select this if you are an Angel Tree Camper: You must click this option to skip the otherwise mandatory deposit of $100 (Do not pay this!)
  9. You are registered for camp
    • Remember to pay the balance either online or in-person at Check-in.
    • If discount wasn’t added during registration call and we can add it for you.