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Summer Camp Team

Meet the best summer camp staff in Ohio!

This team is dedicated to praying for you, challenging you, and loving you well this summer. On this page, they took time out of their busy college and high school schedules to say why they can't wait to share Summer's Best Adventure with you!

Name: Meghan "Sunflower"

Position: Head Counselor

That means: I will be planning your summer camp activities, making every game exciting, keeping camp safe, scheduling counselors to be available when you need them, and much more!

Years at P.H.O.C.: 2

Camp Experience: 5+

College: Ohio Christian University

Why Meghan is excited about summer camp: The truth is, I can't fit it all in a paragraph. I grew up going to church camp so I have had experience in that, but this camp is the one place I can be me and it's ok. I'm different, goofy, and loud; and at this camp it's required. I have built so many long lasting relationships already and I am super excited to build more. This year I am in a leadership role, and I'm excited to not only be there for the campers but be there for my fellow staff. I love helping, and this role provides that for me in all situations. I'm excited about the new changes and about the keeping some traditions alive. I'm excited for the new staff and the vet staff. I'm just so excited to be surrounded by nature and by people that love God as much as I do.



Name: Kaitlin "Eire"

Position: Chapel Director

That means: I will be planning fun skits, interactive learning experiences, great music, and a generally amazing chapel experience. You do NOT want to miss this year, it is like nothing we have ever done here before!

Years at P.H.O.C.: 5+

Camp Experience: 5+

Work: I am a teacher!

Why Eire is excited about summer camp: "This summer is going to be great! I'm so excited to be coming back for my 7th summer and to have the role of Chapel Director. I can't wait to see how God is going to use me to share Christ with the campers. What we have planned so far is super fun and I'm really excited about it! P.H.O.C. has changed my life, and I've seen it change the lives of others, both staff and campers alike. God is going to do amazing things this summer, and I cannot wait to be a part of it!"


Name: Rachel

Position: Director of Student Ministry

That means: I will be leading and coaching the Junior Staff team this summer.

Years at P.H.O.C.: This is my first year at the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp

Camp Experience: 4+ years as camp staff at a variety of camps

College: Geneva College, PA

Why Rachel is excited about summer camp: "This will be my first time serving at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, and I am so excited to become part of the community. One of my favorite things about summer camps is how close the staff becomes, it only takes one summer for a group of strangers to become family. This is a true picture of the kingdom of God that I and the whole staff will get to participate in together! There is something so wonderful about getting to lay down your life with others to serve campers, and I cannot wait to be immersed in that community."

Name: Stephanie

Position: Cabin Counselor

That means: I will be spending every day with you doing amazing activities!

Years at P.H.O.C.: This is my first year at the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp

Camp Experience: I grew up attending summer camps!

College: University of Akron, OH

Why Stephanie is excited about summer camp: "This will be my first year as part of the staff at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp and I am beyond excited! I can't wait to see the way that God will use me and the other staff members in the lives of each and every one of our campers. Going to camp as a kid, I remember missing home and being worried about making new friends, but every year there was a camp counselor that helped me take my mind off of my fears and have a great time. That right there is my goal for this summer; to grow close to each of my campers, help them lay their fears down at the cross, and make memories that will last them a lifetime!"






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Emily H.

Samantha (Starlight) W.


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