Ropes Course, Challenge Courses and Team Building in Ohio.

  1. Team Building and Ropes Courses in the Beautiful Hills of the Ohio Mohican Valley.
  2. We serve adult and youth groups, private, corporate and church groups all welcome!
  3. Our Course is Comprised of Two Elements; Team Building and our NEW Vertical Play Pen w/ 500' Zip Line.

Closed for 2015.   Please call 419-938-3715 to discuss dates and availability before registering. 

Vertical Play Pen and 500' Zip Line

The Ropes Course experience provides participants with the opportunity to become part of a group working together to master individual challenges. While the Vertical Play Pen challenges participants individually it is also designed to encourage group interaction, cooperation and to enhance one’s confidence and self-esteem. Participants scale a 45 foot vertical course encountering different challenges along the way. Safety lines secure all climbers at all times. Wrap up your experience with a ride on our 500' Zip Line. Call today for more information!

Team Building

The Teams Course is designed to present a group of 8-15 individuals with challenges and obstacles that encourage group participation. Individual events are presented in a sequence designed to help the group achieve the group's overall goals. Though TEAMS events require physical effort, they are far less physically demanding than the High Course. Lessons learned may include the value of the team effort, sensitivity to other’s weaknesses, an appreciation of other’s strengths and the development of good listening skills. Communication is stressed as the group moves through increasingly difficult tasks. If you desire your group to experience an activity that will encourage team effort, cooperation, and communication, the TEAMS Events Course may be for you. Recommended for Sr. High School, College and Adult Groups. Groups larger than 20 & Jr. High groups should consult with our course director to discuss options before booking. 

Benefits of the Ropes Course Experience

  • Building self-esteem (personal worth)
  • Promotes working together
  • Promotes trust -Builds compassion and respect for others and each other's differences.

Other Particulars

  • A signed release form supplied by Pleasant Hill must be submitted for each participant before the course begins. We regret that there are no exceptions. -
  • TEAMS course groups should be a minimum of 8 persons in size. Groups more than 15 are often divided into two groups or more for the purpose of facilitation.
  • TEAMS experiences are available Monday thru Saturday.  Not available on Sundays.
  • Our zip line has a 250lb limit, due to being tensioned for summer campers.  



Half Day Experience of TEAM Building or Play Pen & Zip Line (3-4 hours) for groups up to 15 persons:   $300
Additional participants beyond 15...$20 per

Full Day Experience of both TEAM Building and Play Pen & Zip Line (7-8 hours) for groups up to 15 persons:  $500
Additional participants beyond 15...$33 per


Closed for 2015  |  Please call 419-938-3715 to discuss dates and availability before registering.