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Director's House Giving Challenge

House Giving Celebration!

Update! Thank you so much, we have finished the challenge with days to go!  

To add to this growing fund, you can donate HERE.  

Instagram & Facebook

Keep up with all things camp via Instagram and Facebook.  Tune in for weekly updates, memories, and ways you can be involved!  Just click on the icons at the top of the page and get connected!  

Director's House Build

Director's House Build


The House Build is progressing nicely.  Thank you so much to all that have given of their time and finances to make this happen.  You can follow along with us via pictures HERE!

Introducing Camp's Amazon Wish List

Introducing Camp's Amazon Wish List

You can help make a camper's week amazing.  

Staff Housing Fundraiser = RVs


God has blessed camp in so many ways, but especially with campers & staff.  Now we need someplace to put them all!

The Solution?  RV’s

RV’s provide both space & privacy for adult volunteers & married seasonal staff keeping cabins available for campers. 

Generous People have cast the vision, YOU can help fulfill it!

Director's House Project

Where We Were

Two summers ago our director and his family were living in a decaying mobile home at the camp; and, the Brown Retreat Center was in desperate need of a facelift.  We wanted something better for camp and our staff.

Where We Are

With the mobile home rapidly becoming unlivable, last winter generous donors and volunteers like you gave the Brown Retreat Center a makeover to meet both needs:  that of providing a temporary housing solution for the director’s family, and giving a much-needed renovation to Brown.

Outpost Revitalization Project

Outpost Revitalization Project

        Outpost is looking really good, but we have a lot to do at Outpost to be ready for summer!  We could use help with:

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