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Do you have Cabin Fever? Thoughts from summer camp.

A resource for you from the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, a residential summer camp in Ohio...

Arguing is Good! Life tips from Summer Camp

A resource from Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio

Helping kids believe positive truth is exactly what summer camp is designed for! However, as a parent, it is hard to maintain that positivity with my own kids year round. Here is a cool tip from an article I read that can help. Thank you Huffington Post.

Cell Phones at Summer Camp in Ohio?

This year, campers may bring their cell phones along with them to Summer Camp at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio. While it sounds counter-intuitive, risky, or maybe even a little crazy, this is a strategic move to help campers learn how to responsibly navigate the realities of their world. Technology, like it or not, is a significant part of that world.

Consider Others

For those of us making Christmas lists for Santa or managing non-profit organizations, it is easy to think about the gifts we want for ourselves or for our own ministries. But, what if we took time to consider others?

Politics or Jesus?

“How do you think about things… politically?” I directed this question to my friend and coworker at the start of a long road trip.

Be Nice or Know Jesus?

One incredible thing about almost everyone in the world is that we want to become better people. We all want to be kinder, braver, wiser, and stronger. But there is another incredible thing. Even when we try to be better, it feels like we just can’t get it right.

Hikes with Friends

It is a perfect day for adventure, so we adventured! Here are some things we saw when we explored the forests around Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp.

What do we worship?

Colin Kaepernick made a bold stand by not standing during the national anthem several weeks ago. Since then many have followed suit. His protest has been copied, exaggerated, castigated, and even protested against.

Finishing Touches Matching Gift

Construction on the new camp housing project is finally coming to close, and with only two major tasks remaining, a generous donor has offered $3000 in matching gift money to move toward full completion of this project.

Back to School

When summer days start disappearing several minutes sooner every evening and chilly mornings hint that Fall is waiting to fill the woods with color, most of us head back to school! Whether this fills you with dread or inspires you with excitement, the institution of learning is a reality we all must encounter. So, we have a choice. We can grimly endure it, gripe our way through it, and generally pout as we wade through the next nine months of misery, or we can face our destiny boldly and take as much away from the experience as we can. As Gandalf shared with Frodo Baggins "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

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