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Consider Others

For those of us making Christmas lists for Santa or managing non-profit organizations, it is easy to think about the gifts we want for ourselves or for our own ministries. But, what if we took time to consider others?

There are mixed feelings about the act of donating in someone’s name as a charity gift.  It has been our family’s practice for many years to give not only a gift to open but also a gift of charity to those we love.  This is a good balance between the commercial side of Christmas and giving Jesus a gift for his birthday.  Young or old, it is never too early to learn the importance of sacrificing to impact the lives of others.

I have found that giving to a charity on someone else’s behalf creates a distinct impression on both the person and the charity.  As you consider where to give, or if someone asks where they can give for you this year, Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp recommends three organizations that are doing amazing work in their communities.  This Christmas, honor Christ, honor your loved ones, and care for your community by giving back. 

This Christmas, Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp recommends considering these three organizations doing amazing things in Ohio:

1.  First Presbyterian Church of Wooster: This church has an incredible heart for the community they exist in. They share the Gospel by caring for their neighbors financially and physically. See just a few of the ways they care at http://www.firstpreswooster.org/mission-and-service/community

2.  Ashland Community Foundation: Supporting the community through grants each year, Ashland County Community Foundation contributes significant monies… over half a million dollars in 2015-16 fiscal year… to benefit Ashland County residents. Learn about their great work at http://www.accommunityfoundation.org

3.  Crossroads Church in Mansfield Ohio: Serving the Community through strategic partnerships, recovery groups, and the adopt-a-child Christmas program, this church truly cares for people. Learn more about ways they care at http://www.crossroadswired.com

Giving to these three or to other great charities this Christmas season is an amazing way to honor Christ and impact your community.