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Rafting Trips Scheduled for Summer Camp!

If you are attending Teen Adventure, or T.I.L.T., some of you get to go WHITEWATER RAFTING!!! I am so excited about this. Instead of rafting being a more expensive "add-on," this overnight one-day trip is INCLUDED as part of the week long summer camp program for the oldest teens.

Are we seeking justice?

Sometimes it feels like there is so much going wrong in the world that there is nothing one person can do about it. Surely one person can't overturn major cultural misunderstandings. Surely one person can't solve worldwide injustice. Surely one person is too small to fix problems so big.

Benefits of Summer Camp

Summer camp is fun, but that is never the goal of any good camping program. Parent Guide News identifies at least 6 important ways summer camp can benefit your child. At Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, we believe fun is a gateway to the most important lessons we will ever encounter.

You can read the Parent Guide News article "Summer Camp Benefits" for yourself HERE.

Below are 6 lessons Summer Camp can produce quoted directly from Parent Guide News:

Annual Report 2016

Thank you for a wonderful year! Review this past season of Summer Camp and Group Retreats with us at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio.

Whether you rooted for the Browns or the Cavaliers, whether you voted for Hillary, or Trump, if you were involved at camp this year you made a difference! Please enjoy this year-end report celebrating your impact.

Summer Camp Staff Spotlight

We asked Rachel (who will be leading the High School Jr. Staff Volunteer Team) what she is looking forward to this summer at camp in Ohio.

Do you have Cabin Fever? Thoughts from summer camp.

A resource for you from the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, a residential summer camp in Ohio...

Arguing is Good! Life tips from Summer Camp

A resource from Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio

Helping kids believe positive truth is exactly what summer camp is designed for! However, as a parent, it is hard to maintain that positivity with my own kids year round. Here is a cool tip from an article I read that can help. Thank you Huffington Post.

Cell Phones at Summer Camp in Ohio?

This year, campers may bring their cell phones along with them to Summer Camp at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio. While it sounds counter-intuitive, risky, or maybe even a little crazy, this is a strategic move to help campers learn how to responsibly navigate the realities of their world. Technology, like it or not, is a significant part of that world.

Consider Others

For those of us making Christmas lists for Santa or managing non-profit organizations, it is easy to think about the gifts we want for ourselves or for our own ministries. But, what if we took time to consider others?

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